Max and Myron Series

The Max and Myron series, written for ages three to six, teaches children to read while they learn how to act and how to use good manners. Civility and character traits will be introduced throughout the entire series. These include trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fairness, caring, and being a good citizen.

Children will be able to read these, sometimes with the help of a teacher or parent. Max, a little boy, comes home from school each day excited to tell his cat, Myron, what he has learned in school. Myron is a wise cat who asks questions of Max, expecting him to explain it in fairly simple terms.

Each story covers one day in the life of Max and Myron and one subject. Max is a typical little boy and Myron is a very wise looking cat. Included in each book are some teaching guides for teachers and parents; Sentence Frames, High Frequency Words list, New Words list, and Critical Thinking Questions.