Please Don’t Tease

Max talks to his cat, Myron about being teased in school. Myron listens and offers his words of encouragement to Max.

As children read about Max and Myron, they can respond to the set of Critical Thinking Questions. These questions allow children to think about the story in depth, allow children to reflect on what they read, and allow children to put these into real life situations. For those reasons, the critical thinking questions pertain specifically to each book.

As you read with your children, ask them the following questions:

1. What did Max learn in school today?
2. Why is it not nice to tease a person?
3. Describe a time you got teased?
4. What would you say to someone who got teased to make them feel better?
5. What would you say to the person who teased someone and hurt their feelings?
6. How do you feel when you get teased?
7. Give an example of how Myron made Max feel better after he was teased about his red hair.
8. What did Hector say to Max to make him feel better?
9. Why is it important to tell an adult if someone is teasing?
10. What would you say to someone if they teased you?
11. Why do you think Hector teased Max about his red hair?