Dark Legacy

It’s not every day you find out your father was a murderer and a thief. Then you realize he’s the one who wants you dead. Now, when he is killed, Marta is ready to put all the threats and thefts behind her and move on with her life in San Francisco and Venice. She knows she has to deal with returning stolen art and artifacts that still exist in his English mansion. But, what she doesn’t know are all the unsolved mysteries surrounding those stolen antiques and strangers wanting something from her, including her life.

Just when Marta thinks she is finished with her father, his double life, and his threats, things get ugly.
This is what a few readers had to say:

“Fast paced, intriguing read. I had trouble putting it down.”
– A. Thomas

“Wow… I wondered if she would ever find out about her past. And, I thought she was going to lose it.”
– Cynthia M.

“I read Vineyard Secrets, so I knew about some of her issues. If you haven’t read that one…you’ll be okay. The author gets you caught up pretty quickly. Great beach read! When is the next one coming?”
– Carol C.

“This book is a natural sequel to the previous book, Vineyard Secrets. It’s a story that begged to continue, even after the previous book seemed to have a logical conclusion. Just when you think it’s over and done with, remnants of villains with previous associations decide to intervene. I found myself miffed and sometimes amazed at Marta’s naivete, and delighted in her luck, but that is sometimes what keeps me going. She’s missed quite a number of clues and puts herself in dangerous territory often enough, but she gets wiser while at the same time, doing everything she can to enjoy herself and her newly discovered fortunate circumstances. Will there be more? After getting to know these characters, and by the way, she’s single with handsome men all around, I anticipate more from this, the history, the spectacular locations. . . and love in the wings? Skillful companions? Hmmmm. . . there are so many possibilities."
– Terry M.