Vineyard Secrets

Synopsis: “Marta thought she knew everything there was to know about her grandma. Problem is…as her grandma lay dying, she warns Marta to be careful; very careful. The only problem is, Marta doesn’t know what she means.

Then, her will is read and things get more confusing for Marta. Secrets she didn’t know her grandma kept, treasures she didn’t know her grandma possessed, and people turning up murdered all for a piece of art…and Marta still doesn’t know how or why her grandma is connected.

It takes a trip from San Francisco to Venice to figure out what’s going on. After all, Marta’s grandma knew about the secrets in the vineyards…or did she?"

This is what readers are saying about Vineyard Secrets.

Vineyard Secrets, by Wendy VanHatten, is a great read for vacation, the beach, on the plane, or when you want to escape. Read it yourself and then give it as a gift for the reader in your family.
– E. Thomas

The mystery, intrigue and excitement of the plot made reading Vineyard Secrets easy and delightful. This book was interesting and intelligently written. Not to mention the spectacular settings. I toast my glass of Prosecco to you, Wendy. Salute!
– M. Walker

Fast moving and enough drama to keep you guessing. I like following the characters as they work their way through actual neighborhoods and streets of San Francisco and the back canals of Venice in trying to figure out what’s going on and who to trust. It’s not who you think. Nice job, Wendy.
– Mary M.

When is the sequel coming? I can’t wait to find out what they’re talking about.
– C. Clark

Check out this excerpt…

“Right. Anyway, they do a little more looking around and find another stone along an adjacent wall that moves as well. Only this one moves easily and the opening to the space is much larger than they first thought. It’s large enough for them both to fit and lets in the afternoon sunlight. They go for it.

It turns out it’s like a small room, only about five feet high and maybe 10 by 12 feet in size. The first thing they see is a skeleton.”

“Yikes. A skeleton…as in a dead body? A human?”

“Yep. And, according to Grandpa, they almost left right then and there. And, it would have been a real shame to leave.”


“Wow! I just couldn’t put this book down. I was there, not understanding what was happening and not knowing what to do next. I was riding in first class, then flying in a private jet for that long, long trip from San Franciso to Venice. I was enjoying the new found fortune, yet amazed and so curious about all the strange things that were happening. What a moving mystery of places, events, family history, antagonists, new super-friends to help keep things in order, and the surprise to the ending was not shocking, but was certainly unexpected. Whew! There’s enough details going on in this mystery to keep you turning page after page after page."
– Terry M.

“With Italy as a fabulous backdrop and her ability to keep the plot twisting from page one through the final chapter, Wendy Van Hatten has crafted another page turner. Characters aren’t always who we think they are and the plot unwinds with her trademark twists. I loved it!"

“This tantalizing tale had me in a whirlwind of mystery, discoveries, and mayhem! Hidden family heirlooms to scary villains, this story kept me at the edge of my seat and I didn’t  want to put my book down! This easy to read book will definitely intrigue and excite you!"
– Anna C.