When the Cat Speaks

About When the Cat Speaks…Listen, a Purr-fectly Good Way to Enjoy Life

Regardless whether you like cats or not…you must admit that cats have attitude. Sometimes they appear to be keeping secrets. Other times, they look so wise. Still other times, foolish. And, what is more peaceful than a sleeping cat?

Myron is my cat. He is all of the above. As I was working on another book and seemingly losing ground, I started watching Myron. He would be so focused on taking a bath one minute and the next he would be grabbing my pen and hiding it. Then, as if by magic, he would find the only ray of sun coming through my blinds and be instantly asleep. The more I watched, the more I paid attention to his antics. And the more attention I paid, the more they made sense.

You don’t need to be a cat lover to enjoy what Myron has to teach us about living our lives to the fullest. Sit back and relax…enjoy the wisdom and wit…and life your life like a cat.

I think you will find that this quick read book is the purrfect gift to brighten a friend’s day.

Here are some nice things readers had to say about it.

“This wonderful book of life lessons reminds me to be nicer to my imaginary friends and makes me wish I had 9 lives. It teaches us that we all have a meow deep inside, waiting to come out."
– Franny V

“As Myron’s original human provider, I can say without doubt that he is the brightest as well as the dimmest feline I have ever met. He is truly a savant, the “Rain Man" of cats. In some ways, Myron is as great a teacher as Yoda. This quote could have come from either of them – “Much to learn, you still have."
– Jim VH

“Whether you are a cat lover or not, there are lessons to be learned from Myron’s antics that will enhance your life: Be curious, enjoy life, have friends, play, and take time to enjoy the sunshine in your life. It’s a “purrfect" read!"
– Wendy L


Play Hard

We’ve all been told that to maintain a healthy life, everybody needs aerobic exercise. For that matter, you are supposed to engage in good exercises to get your blood flowing and keep your heart rate up. Most of you think of jogging or walking, swimming or tennis, lifting weights or cycling.

I say…forget those.

Don’t Waste Sunshine
And nothing rejuvenates you like a good nap in the sun. If you ask me, sunshine is good for the soul.


I’m never alone.

My imaginary friends are special. They share secrets with me. I never have to wonder if someone will play with me. For instance, the game of tag has limitless players as my friends chase me and I chase them. One can sneak up behind me, tap me on the shoulder, and I’m off at mach 10 trying to catch him.


For me, I don’t really care what time of day or night it is. If it needs to be attacked…I’m your cat.

You thought the pretty new flowering plant you brought into the house and put up on a high shelf in the living room was safe? Nope. It looked like a salad to me. And how do you think your new necklace ended up under the bed? You shouldn’t have left it in plain site on the dresser. It was just too shiny.


The vase that broke wasn’t really my fault. If there had been no water in it, I wouldn’t have tried to stick my whole head in that vase. Then when it proceeded to fall off the counter, it broke all by itself. Actually I didn’t break it…the floor did.

Inspect Everything

I’ll let you in on another little secret. Cats pay attention to everything. I may look like I’m asleep but my ears and eyes are constantly alert.

Look Innocent

Just tilt your head sideways…look down a little…give whoever you need to a ‘who me’ stare…raise your eyebrows ever so slightly…and hold the pose. No one could possibly blame you after that look.