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I didn’t start out to become a published author. In fact, I didn’t start out to have a writing career.

But…life has a funny way of guiding us.

For me, my writing career didn’t start with a whisper…it started with a jolt. I was jolted out of a successful and fairly safe career in health administration. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go next. I knew I didn’t really want to go back into the same career. So, I started thinking about options. And that’s when a mentor suggested travel writing.

As I thought back, I always wrote in my journals on our family trips. But that didn’t really count…I didn’t think. I have always loved to travel and I love to write about the places and people I visit. But, to turn it into a career?

After taking some travel writing courses, my articles became published all over the world and it quickly turned into something I loved doing. You can read a few of my articles on this site. Contact me if you want others as I still write travel articles for various magazines throughout the world.

Fast forward from articles to books. Once more, that turned into a successful endeavor. I became a published author and discovered that writing is my passion. Currently, I have books in different stages. Several are published and you can find out about them on this site. Others are in various stages of completion.

Currently I am the editor-in-chief for Prime Time Living Magazine and also a wine, food, and travel editor for WEMagazine. I am affiliated with the Bay Area Travel Writer Organization, a professional organization of travel writers and photographers.

I love what I’m doing…traveling, discovering new wines, learning new recipes, cooking for friends, writing, and putting it all together.

Stay tuned. New travel guide books are in the works.

Once more, I love what I’m doing. All of it, from writing, to helping writers, to having books published, to assisting and editing a magazine.